'Improv Itinerary' workshop

Improv Itinerary

August 3 to 7, 2014
with Catherine Lessard

Workshop at Chertsey,
arrival sunday 12pm, end thursday 5pm

An exceptional 'rendez-vous'!

Dance improvisation in nature :
creative treks, solo & collective works, contact improvisation et contact with the environment, dance of elements, incorporation, ...

An invitation to dance under the vault of giant maple trees, on the shore of the lake, in the deer's open field, on the floating stone at the top of the mountain, at the spring near the blackberries, and under the stars and the eagles.
An occasion to compose and interact with the inner and outer environment, through a research of suitable body-mind states for spontaneous creation and surpassing of our limits.

Between technique and trance,
there is our encounter with the
dance of now : an improvisation
based on being (instead of doing),
on receptivity (instead of productivity),
on openness to nature (instead exclusion).

Nature is wild, malleable, microscopic, spectacular, organized, unpredictable, repetitive, mysterious, fragile, intense, scientific, poetic, ecstatic, ...
And so is our movement when it is composed in relation to her, imprinted with her genuine signature.

During this workshop, we will travel along the forest several times, across the land of the 'Domaine du Lac Seize'. We will improvise in contact with the elements, the partners and the forces surrounding and penetrating us, through scores that are sometimes quite open, sometimes more structured. We will have some time for indoor practices. We will be supported by the music of our bodies and nature. Some moments for integration, writing, sharing and demonstrating (small performances between us) will also be offered.

Costs :
$250 - $290 - $330, according to your capacity to pay
(Suggested: $0 to 12 000/year: $250  -  $12 000 to 25 000/year: $290  -  $25 000 & more/year: $330.)
*$200 - $240 - $280, if registration before July 20, 2014*
Registration confirmed upon reception of a $100 N/R deposit.

- Included : 5 days of training, housing in rooms (with sheets), exclusivity on sites, access
                   to all facilities (including clothes washing machines).

- Excluded : food ... this is what allows us to offer an exceptionally low cost for 5 days
                    of workshop (you can compare to other events of same duration).
                    Everyone has to bring food and participate in the creation of all meals in a
                    friendly pot luck format. It's a formula that works well with medium size
                    groups and that has proven efficient several times in Chertsey!

Maximal number of participants : 16.

Location : at the 'Domaine du Lac Seize', in Chertsey,
in Lanaudière, at 1:15 hour from Montreal.
Map on google : click here.

How to register? : see at the bottom of this page.

photo Véro Boncompagni

Catherine Lessard transmits the key principles of dance improvisation, Contact Improvisation and Authentic Movement since 15 years, with the passion and the coherence of a visionary. She teaches and performs in Canada, Europe and the USA. Her unique pedagogy combines scientific sharpness and a profound sense of imagery/poetry, in a deep atmosphere of respect and discovery. She has performed and studied with Nancy Stark-Smith, Zoe Avstreih, Daniel Lepkoff, Nita Little, among others.

Registration modalities

Please reserve, through email or phone at worksphere@hotmail.com, 514.518.6240 or 450.939.3007.

Then confirm your registration by sending a N/R deposit :

>> throught email interac transfer at worksphere@hotmail.com (canadian banks), also send the answer to your security question;

>> through cheque made out to Catherine Lessard, sent at 873 Leonard, Ste-Therese, Qc, J7E 2N8, Canada;

>> through Paypal by clicking on the button appearing in the events webpage (write the amount then update);

>> in cash, if we meet before the deadline for registration.

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